306 ;
A companion to cultural memory studies / edited by Astrid Erll, Ansgar Nünning ; in collaboration with Sara B. Young. - Berlin ; New York : De Gruyter, cop. 2010. - viii, 441 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm

Earlier ed. published as: Cultural memory studies : an international and interdisciplinary handbook / edited by Astrid Erll, Ansgar Nünning in collaboration with Sara B. Young. 2008. -

Includes bibliographical references and indexes. -

I. Lieux de mémoire - Sites of memory :
Loci memoriae - Lieux de mémoire / Pim Den Noer ;
Italian luoghi della memoria / Mario Isnenghi ;
Mitteleuropa as a lieu de mémoire / Jacques Le Rider ;
Sites of memory in U.S.-American histories / Udo J. Hebel ;
Sites of memory and the shadow of war / Jay Winter.
- II. Memory and cultural history :
Memory and the history of mentalities / Alon Confino ;
The invention of cultural memory / Dietrich Harth ;
Canon and archive / Aleida Assmann ;
Communicative and cultural memory / Jan Assmann ;
Generation/generationality, generativity, and memory / Jürgen Reulecke ;
Cultural memory: a European perspective / Vita Fortunati and Elena Lamberti. - III. Social, political, and philosophical memory studies :
Maurice Halbwachs's mémoire collective / Jean-Christophe Marcel and Laurent Mucchieli ;
From collective memory to the sociology of mnemonic practices and products ;
Memory in post-authoritarian societies / Andreas Langenohl ;
Social forgetting: a systems-theory approach / Elena Esposito ;
Memory and remembrance: a constructivist approach / Siegfried J. Schmidt ;
Memory and forgetting in Paul ricoeur's theory of the capable self / Maureen Junker-Kenny.
- IV. Psychological memory studies :
Psychology, nerrative, and cultural memory: past and present / Jürgen Straub ;
Against the concept of cultural trauma / Wulf Kansteiner and Harald Weilnböck ;
Experience and memory: imaginary futures in the past / David Middleton and Steven D. Brown ;
A cognitive taxonomy of collecive memories / David Manier and William Hirst ;
Language and memory: social and cognitive processes / Gerald Echterhoff ;
Cultural memory and the neurosciences / Hans J. Markowitsch ;
Communicative memory / Harald Welzer. - V. Literature and cultural memory :
Mnemonic and intertextual aspects of literature / Renate LAchmann ;
Cultural memory and the literary canon / Herbert Grabes ;
Life-writing, cultural memory, and literary studies / Max Saunders ;
The literary representation of memory / Birgit Neumann ;
The dynamics of rememberance: texts between monumentality and morphing / Ann Rigney. - VI. Media and cultural memory :
The texture of memory: Holocaust memorials in history / James E. Young ;
The photograph as externaliziation and trace / Jens Ruchatz ;
Journalism's memory work / Barbie Zelizer ;
literature, film, and the mediality of cultural memory / Astrid Erll ;
Memory and media cultures / Martin Zierold

This companion represents the interdisciplinary and international field of ""cultural memory studies"" in one volume. Articles by renowned international scholars offer readers a unique overview of the key concepts of cultural memory studies. The book not only documents current research in an unprecedented way; it also serves as a forum for bringing together approaches from areas as varied as sociology, political sciences, history, theology, literary studies, media studies, philosophy, psychology, and neurosciences.""Cultural memory studies"" - as defined in this book - came into being at the beginning of the 20th century, with the works of Maurice Halbwachs on mèmoire collective. In the course of the last two decades this area of research has witnessed a veritable boom in various countries and disciplines. As a consequence, the study of the relation of ""culture"" and ""memory"" has diversified into a wide range of approaches. This companion is based on a broad understanding of ""cultural memory"" as the interplay of present and past in sociocultural contexts. It presents concepts for the study of individual remembering in a social context, group and family memory, national memory, the various media of memory, and finally the host of emerging transnational lieux de mèmoire such as 9/11. This book first appeared as a hardback volume in the De Gruyter series ""Media and Cultural Memory"" under the title ""Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook"". With the present companion the original articles are reissued in an affordable paperback edition.


Memory--Cross-cultural studies.
Collective memory.

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Erll, Astrid ; Nünning, Ansgar ;

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