Nikolić, Davor, kroatist

Toulmin's argumentation model facing non-deductive types of reasoning / Nikolić, Davor ; Tomić, Diana. - 158-158 str.

This paper tests Toulmin’s model on the examples of persuasive speeches, hypothesising that it is unable to incorporate the non-deductive types of reasoning (induction, analogical reasoning, cause and effect reasoning, and reasoning by sign). As a conventional Aristotelian form of rhetorical enthymeme, expanded by the backing of the warrant, this model largely remains faithful to the deductive reasoning in which the ‘old’ major premise becomes warrant which requires backing. Other four types of reasoning should enter the Toulmin model via warrant, but the model’s structure requires that the warrant expresses a certain rule leading us back to the formal deductive conclusion. The analaysed speeches differed by the delivery situation. One group were speeches delivered in school of rhetorics (with classical speech composition and conscious use of Toulmin’s argumentation model) while the others were delivered in the Croatian Parliament. The reconstruction of Toulmin’s model from the delivered speeches supports this hypothesis.


Tomić, Diana ;

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