Blažević, Zrinka

Analysis of cross-sector differentiation during strategy formulation / Blažević, Zrinka ; Špoljarić, Marijana. - 33-42 str.

Strategy as an organizational projection advocates structuring around clearly defined objectives which create market efficiency. It achieves a balance between business and environment, for the purpose of general well being (shareholders, employees, customers and the community). National work classification classifies 21 activities, which can be sorted into four sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary). Each of them has its own special characteristics which are becoming a key component of differentiation of the sector in comparison to others. Therefore it can be assumed that the strategy of companies within each sector is set in accordance with the specificities of sector, and that there are components that differentiate strategy of a certain sector against strategies of other sectors. Objective of this work is to find specific components for the development of strategies for each sector and key components of cross-sector differentiation when setting up strategies among different sectors. The focus will be directed to the analysis of the strategical guidelines inside the different sectors, and to the comparasion of the economic and strategical growth of a sector. The research was conducted by the telephone poll with the 80 companies located in the Republic of Croatia, 20 for each sector. The first goal of this paper is to establish the level of strategical guidelines development of this croatian companies, by verifying their success in fulfilling the norms of development and used strategies. The second goal is to establish the common elements of strategy between a certain company and other companies from the same sector, meaning to verify if the companies inside the same sector form their strategies in a similar manner. This will be used to determine the key points of the cross-sector differentiation, and to present the strategical specificals of each sector.

Špoljarić, Marijana ;

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