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Language varieties between norms and attitudes : South Slavic perspectives : proceedings from the 2013 CALS conference / Anita Peti-Stantic, Mateusz-Milan Stanojevic, Goranka Antunović (eds.). - Frankfurt am Main [etc.] : Peter Lang, 2015. - 235 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

Zbornik radova s međunarodnoga znanstvenoga skupa Hrvatskoga društva za primijenjenu lingvistiku održanog od 18. do 20. travnja 2013. u Dubrovniku. -

Bibliografija iza svakog poglavlja -

Overall, the common theme of the volume are the more or less overt attitudes towards the construction of the relationship between norms, standards and varieties as evident from the Croatian and Slovenian daily life. All of the papers point to the hybrid and stratified nature of language in its various guises, and the fact that our attitudes, practices and policies need to come to terms with this hybridity. A variety of discussions are offered, but they all seem to point to a somewhat inconsistent attitude towards language stratification. On the one hand, as language users, we are aware of the variety of languages and language varieties that we use and need, and on the other, coming to terms with this variety presents a problem. The problem is a result of our presumed (inner) need for a non-hybrid, rule-governed and (at least ostensibly) coherent system (cf. e.g. Kalogjera 2014 for a review of such attitudes towards the standard) as well as a result of a practical need for a common system (a lingua franca in the broadest of terms, a teaching standard, or a translation standard). This is further complicated by the policy of multilingualism, which is based on celebrating diversity.


opća lingvistika -- hrvatski jezik -- Hrvatsko društvo za primijenjenu lingvistiku -- konferencija -- 27th International Conference of the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society (CALS) --

Peti-Stantic, Anita ; Stanojevic, Mateusz-Milan ; Antunović, Goranka ;

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