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A handbook of modernism studies / edited by Jean-Michel Rabaté. - Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. - x, 463 str. ; 26 cm. . - ( Wiley-Blackwell critical theory handbooks )

Bibliografija na kraju pojedinih poglavlja. - Kazalo -

Introduction / Jean-Michel Rabaté -- Hard and Soft Modernism: Politics as "Theory" / Peter Nicholls -- Streams Beyond Consciousness: Stylistic Immediacy in the Modernist Novel / Vicki Mahaffey -- Modernisms High and Low / Eric Bulson -- Kafka, Modernism, and Literary Theory / Vivian Liska -- Race: Tradition and Archive in the Harlem Renaissance / Jeremy Braddock -- Empire, Imperialism, and Modernism / John Marx -- Marxist Modernisms: From Jameson to Benjamin / Catherine Flynn -- Reactionary Modernism / Robert L. Caserio -- Transnationalism at the Departure Gate / Matthew Hart -- From Ritual to the Archaic in Modernism: Frazer, Harrison, Freud, and the Persistence of Myth / Shanyn Fiske -- Modernism, Orientalism, and East Asia / Christopher Bush -- Translation Studies and Modernism / Steven G. Yao -- Modernism, Mind, and Manuscripts / Dirk Van Hulle -- Modernism and Visual Culture / Laura Marcus -- More Kicks than Pricks: Modernist Body-Parts / Maud Ellmann -- Materialities of Modernism: Objects, Matter, Things / Bill Brown -- Glamour's Silhouette: Fashion, Fashun, and Modernism / Judith Brown -- Otherness and Singularity: Ethical Modernism / Marian Eide -- Phenomenology and Affect: Modernist Sulking / Sara Crangle -- Queer Modernism / Benjamin Kahan -- Cultural Capital and the Revolutions of Literary Modernity, from Bourdieu to Casanova / James F. English -- Modernism and Cognitive Disability: A Genealogy / Joseph Valente -- From Parody to the Event; from Affect to Freedom: Observations on the Feminine Sublime in Modernism / Ewa Plonowska Ziarek -- Aesthetic Formalism, the Form of Artworks, and Formalist Criticism / Jonathan Loesberg -- Ranciere's Aesthetic Regime: Modernism, Politics, and the Logic of Excess / Molly Anne Rothenberg. -

"Featuring the latest research findings and exploring the fascinating interplay of modernist authors and intellectual luminaries, from Beckett and Kafka to Derrida and Adorno, this bold new collection of essays gives students a deeper grasp of key texts in modernist literature. This book: Provides a wealth of fresh perspectives on canonical modernist texts, featuring the latest research data ; Adopts an original and creative thematic approach to the subject, with concepts such as race, law, gender, class, time, and ideology forming the structure of the collection ; Explores current and ongoing debates on the links between the aesthetics and praxis of authors and modernist theoreticians ; Reveals the profound ways in which modernist authors have influenced key thinkers, and vice versa."--Publisher's website.

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književni modernizam -- modernizam -- Mlada Poljska (Młoda Polska) -- estetizam -- artizam -- vorticizam -- modernistički roman --

Rabaté, Jean-Michel, ; Nicholls, Peter ; Mahaffey, Vicki ; Bulson, Eric ; Liska, Vivian ; Braddock, Jeremy ; Marx, John ; Flynn, Catherine ; Caserio, Robert L. ; Hart, Matthew ; Fiske, Shanyn ; Bush, Christopher ; Yao, Steven G. ; Van Hulle, Dirk ; Marcus, Laura ; Ellmann, Maud ; Brown, Bill ; Brown, Judith ; Eide, Marian ; Crangle, Sara ; Kahan, Benjamin ; English, James F. ; Valente, Joseph ; Ziarek, Ewa Plonowska ; Loesberg, Jonathan ; Rothenberg, Molly Anne ;

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