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A history of the modernist novel / edited by Gregory Castle. - Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015. - xvi, 532 str. ; 24 cm

Zastupljeni autori: Joseph Bristow, Paul Armstrong, Jean-Michel Rabate, Leonid Livak, David Bradshaw, Howard J. Booth, Janet Galligani Casey, Deborah Clarke, Enda Duffy, Anne Fernihough, Sean Latham, Emily O. Wittman, Ritchie Robertson, Todd Kontje, Samuel Alexander, David Earle, Lara Vetter, Pamela L. Caughie, Lara Winkiel, Jessica Berman, Patrick Bixby, Gregory Castle -

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Introduction: Matter in Motion in the Modernist Novel / Gregory Castle
- Part I: Modernism and the challenge to the
- 1 The Aesthetic Novel, from Ouida to Firbank / Joseph Bristow
- 2 What Is It Like to Be Conscious? Impressionism and the
Problem of Qualia / Paul Armstrong
- 3 Modernism and the French Novel: A Genealogy (1888–1913) / Jean-Michel Rabaté - 4 Russian Modernism and the Novel / Leonid Livak
- Partt II: Realism in transition - 5 Bootmakers and Watchmakers: Wells, Bennett, Galsworthy,
Woolf, and Modernist Fiction / David Bradshaw
- 6 “A Call and an Answer”: E. M. Forster, D. H. Lawrence, and English Modernism / Howard J. Booth
- 7 American Literary Realism: Popularity and Politics in a
Modernist Frame / Janet G. Casey
- 8 Modernist Domesticity: Reconciling the Paradox in Edith
Wharton, Willa Cather, and Nella Larsen / Deborah Clarke
- Part III: The matter of modernism - 9 Energy, Stress, and Modernist Style / Enda Duffy - 10 Modernist Materialism: War, Gender, and Representation
in Woolf, West, and H.D. / Anne Fernihough
- 11 Serial Modernism / Sean Latham
- 12 Translation and the Modernist Novel / Emily O. Wittman
- Part IV: Modernism, genre, and form - 13 Modernist Style and the “Inward Turn” in German-Language Fiction / Ritchie Robertson
- 14 Mann’s Modernism / Todd Kontje
- 15 Democratic Form and Narrative Proportion in Joyce and Dos Passos / Sam Alexander
- 16 The Modernist Genre Novel / David M. Earle
- 17 Modernism and Historical Fiction: The Case of H.D. / Lara Vetter
- Part V: Modernism in transit - 18 The Modernist Novel in Its Contemporaneity / Pamela L. Caughie
- 19 The Modernist Novel in the World-System / Laura Winkiel
- 20 Modernist Cosmopolitanism / Jessica Berman
- 21 Modernism and the Big House / Nicholas Allen
- 22 In the Wake of Joyce: Beckett, O’ Brien, and the Late Modernist Novel / Patrick Bixby
- 23 Destinies of Bildung: Belatedness and the Modernist Novel / Gregory Castle

A History of the Modernist Novel reassesses the modernist canon and produces a wealth of new comparative analyses that radically revise the novel's history. Drawing on American, English, Irish, Russian, French and German traditions, leading scholars challenge existing attitudes about realism and modernism and draw new attention to everyday life and everyday objects. In addition to its exploration of new forms such as the modernist genre novel and experimental historical novel, this book considers the novel in postcolonial, transnational and cosmopolitan contexts. A History of the Modernist Novel also considers the novel's global reach while suggesting that the epoch of modernism is not yet finished.

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Modernism (Literature)

modernizam -- književni modernizam -- modernistički roman --

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Castle, Gregory ;

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