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A concise companion to psychoanalysis, literature, and culture / edited by Laura Marcus and Ankhi Mukherjee. - Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley Blackwell, 2014. - XIV, 436 str. ; 24 cm. . - ( Concise companions to literature and culture )

Includes bibliographical references and index. -

Sadržaj: Notes on Contributors; Acknowledgments; Introduction: Psychoanalysis at the Margins; References; Part I Histories; Chapter 1 The Freudian Century; Psychoanalytic culture; An occult interlude; Psychoanalysis, the humanities, and losing meaning; On implication; References; Chapter 2 The Case Study; Exemplary tales; Particulars of the case; The singular case of "Gradiva"; Notes; References; Chapter 3 Modernity, the Occult, and Psychoanalysis; Notes; References; Chapter 4 Back to Frankfurt School; Prologue. Visualization studiesTV Führer; Construction, reparation, restitution; References; Chapter 5 The Exception of Psychoanalysis: Adorno and Cavell as Readers of Freud; Psychoanalysis as a threshold science; Receiving psychoanalysis: Adorno and Cavell; Adorno and Freud: a plea for radical psychoanalysis; Adorno's reading of Kant's practical philosophy: metacritique as radical psychoanalysis; The acknowledgment of uncertainty: Cavell's Freud; The moment of psychoanalysis: Freud and philosophy; Reading against (self- )delusion: transference. The linguistic social contract: who is talking for/to whom?The faculty of judgment and zones of indeterminacy; Post-foundationalism, philosophical romanticism, and post-normative politics; Fighting aphasia; Notes; References; Part II Literatures; Chapter 6 Freud's Textual Couch, or the Ambassador's Magic Carpet; Notes; References; Chapter 7 Freud's Double; Note; References; Chapter 8 Medieval Dreams; Notes; References; Chapter 9 Queer Desire, Psychoanalytic Hermeneutics, and Love Lyric; Acknowledgments; Notes; References; Chapter 10 Psychoanalysis, Literature, and the "Case" of Adolescence. NotesReferences; Part III Visual Cultures; Chapter 11 Intimate Volver; Kristeva's semiotic/Almodóvar's signature; Volver a sentir: Papa; Volver a sentir: Mama; Indicting American capitalist "ethics"; Notes; References; Chapter 12 Psychoanalysis, Popular and Unpopular; Notes; References; Chapter 13 Primetime Psychoanalysis; Notes; References; Chapter 14 The Art of the Symptom: Body, Writing, and Sex Change; Notes; References; Chapter 15 The Desert of the Real; The imaginary trap; Two modes of self-destruction; Notes; References; Part IV Transformations. Chapter 16 "One of the Most Obscure Regions of Psychoanalysis": Defamiliarizing Psychic EconomyThe economic base; Households of the soul; Substitutive representations; Capital analogies; (D)riven economies; Notes; References; Chapter 17 Chronolibido: From Socrates to Lacan and Beyond; Notes; References; Chapter 18 Psychoanalytic Animal; Notes; References; Chapter 19 On the Right to Sleep, Perchance to Dream; Insomnia; Hospitality; Asylum; Notes; References; Chapter 20 Freud on Cultural Translation; Hysteria and translation; The Interpretation of Dreams: reverse translation. -

This concise companion explores the history of psychoanalytic theory and its impact on contemporary literary criticism by tracing its movement across disciplinary and cultural boundaries.

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Marcus, Laura ; Mukherjee, Ankhi ; Frosh, Stephen ; Webber, Andrew ; Burdett, Carolyn ; Rickels, Laurence A. ; Steuer, Daniel ; Rabaté, Jean-Michel ; Royle, Nicholas ; Zeeman, Nicolette ; Dean, Tim ; Thurschwell, Pamela ; Restuccia, Frances L. ; Liu, Catherine ; Gherovici, Patricia ; McGowan, Todd ; Kornbluh, Anna ; Hägglund, Martin ; Ellmann, Maud ; Khanna, Ranjana ; Young, Robert J.C. ; Armstrong, Isobel ; Segal, Naomi ;

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