Cvetnić, Sanja

Il quadro di Francesco de Mura a Dubrovnik (Ragusa) / Cvetnić, Sanja. - 2015 - 375-382 str.

Among works of art that belong to the Diocese of Dubrovnik (Ragusa) the painting Virgin and Child, St Benedict and Benedictine saints by Neapolitan artist Francesco de Mura (Naples 1696 – 1782) stands out. It has been recently restaurated. It is signed: “F. de Mura Pi[nxit ?]” and dated, though illegible, possibly “1751” or “1753”. The iconography of the painting indicates its provenance form one of the Benedictine monasteries in the Republic of Dubrovnik, probably the one on the island of Lokrum, which was the only one belonging to the Cassinese Congregation and not to the Mljet Congregation as other Benedictine monasteries. The contacts between Dubrovnik and Naples were traditional and numerous in the past. They are confirmed in all areas, from politics and commerce to architecture and fine arts, so the painting by student of Francesco Solimena and one of the leading painters of the Neapolitan school in the mid-eighteenth century in the Dubrovnik area is not surprising. Another painting by Francesco de Mura The Virgin and Child with little St John the Baptist is recently identified in the Franciscan monastery in Petrićevac near Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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