Zorica, Maja

Kritika i nasilje - Chevillard i Nisard / Maja Zorica. - 2016 - 69-79 str.

Taking its cue from the polemic between Éric Chevillard and Mariane Bury about Chevillard's novel "Demolish Nisard" that the author will comment on in his book "Author and Me" and extending it to the polemic between Nisard himself and the famous Sainte-Beuve, this case study shows that the specific relationship between Chevillard and Nisard raises the question of criticism and violence. Criticism AS violence is here summarized into a witty, humorous, ironic and sardonic answer ; a non- serious reading of literature and criticism ; a joyful exercise of demolishment ; a satire of academism of any sort. A "book about nothing" as a "book about everything", as the author puts it, emphasizes that every reading is a kind of disfiguration, distortion, mutilation ; nevertheless, the reader should have more faith in the powers of the negative by embracing, not any form of reconcilability, but a hostile reading ("lire en ennemi").


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