Kalafatić, Hrvoje

A rare find of bone beads from the Late Bronze Age cemetery in the Southern Carpathian Basin / Hrvoje Kalafatić, Siniša Radović, Mislav Čavka, Mario Novak, Marija Mihaljević, Rajna Šošić-Klindžić. - 2016 - 146-153 str.

HRZZ IP-11-2013-3700 -

Barice-Gređani group was first defined on a basis of cemetery finds from cemetery Barice near Gornja Orahovica and it was long known in literature as a group of Barice-Gređani type cemeteries. That was supported by a number of excavated and published cemeteries and lack of settlement research in Slavonian and Bosnian Posavina was present at that time. The first material from settlement of Barice-Gređani group was partially published in late 1980s. A numerous new settlements and cemeteries of Urnfield Culture were discovered and excavated in last 30 years due to intensive building of infrastructure, organising museum networks and monument protection system. In that light it is now possible to reinterpret older finds and make more complex contextualisation of Barice-Gređani group burial ritual. Three bone beads found in burial 16 belong to rare finds in the cemeteries of Barice-Gređani group. Only two cemeteries except Mačkovac from area that covers group Barice-Gređani have similar worked bone finds. Bone objects are exposed to funeral pyre together with deceased in all excavated contexts.


Radović, Siniša ; Čavka , Mislav ; Novak, Mario ; Mihaljević, Marija ; Šošić Klindžić, Rajna ;

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