Vujić, Žarka

Museology as Part of Information and Communication Sciences in Croatia : a View on a Thirty-Year-Long Experience / Vujić, Žarka ; Stublić, Helena. - 2016 - 37-45 str.

The first part of the paper examines early perspectives through which museology was seen as part of information science in Croatia in the mid- 1960s. That period saw the establishment of the Postgraduate Programme in Museology, which was run in parallel with programmes in librarianship and documentation science. Links between museology and information science were made even stronger owing to the former ICOMFOM member Ivo Maroević who set up the Museology Sub- Department in 1984. The second part of the paper gives a critical overview of the unique conference, Archives, Libraries and Museums: Possibilities of Collaboration in the Environment of Global Information Infrastructure that has been held annually in Croatia since 1996. The conference influenced views on the convergence of disciplines, but also the development of museology and solutions for museographic issues in Croatia. Even though the institutions and their related disciplines have in common numerous activities, research phenomena, and methodologies, there are evidently differences among them that need to be respected.


muzeji - Hrvatska -- muzeologija --

Stublić, Helena ;

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