Munk, Ana

Localizing Byzantium: Group II Enamels on the Reliquary of Saint Blaise in Dubrovnik / Ana Munk. - 2015 - 75-87 str.

The article analyzes four enamel roundels on the reliquary of Saint Blaise in Dubrovnik Cathedral treasury. It has not been noticed previously that these enamels contain features which makes it unlikely that they were made in Constantinople. The lack of inscriptions which is more characteristic for Byzantinizing enamel work made in Italy, and the depiction of the two martyrs which does not reflect the codes set for Byzantine saints’ attire indicate the artist’s Italo-Byzantine training and, possibly, a local identity of the two martyrs. Stylistically, plain design of these enamels indicate a run of the mill manufacture that has not utilized all iconographical, coloristic and decorative options that an 11th or 12th century enamel workshop in Constantinople may have had at its disposal.


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