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The Cultural life of capitalism in Yugoslavia : (post)socialism and its other / [urednice Dijana Jelača, Maša Kolanović, Danijela Lugarić]. - Cham, Switzerland : Springer International Publishing AG : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. - [XIV], 359 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm

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1 Introduction: Cultural capitalism the (Post)yugoslav way / Dijana Jelača, Maša Kolanović and Danijela Lugarić - Part I Capital(ism) and class cultures : - 2 The strange absence of capital(ism) / Stipe Grgas - 3 Fictions of crime in a state of exception / Tatjana Jukić - 4. rethinking class in socialist Yugoslavia: labor, body, and moral economy / Tanja Petrović and Ana Hofman - 5 The restoration of capitalism after Yugoslavia: cultural capital, class and power / Breda Luthar and Maruša Pušnik - 6 Class and culture in Yugoslav factory newspapers / Sven Cvek - 7 Post-Yugoslav notes on Marx's class theory and middle-class classism / Primož Krašovec - Part II Trajectories of capitalism: culture and everyday life - 8 On Yugoslav market socialism through Živojin Pavlović's 'When I am dead and pale' (1967) / Gal Kirn - 9 Against capitalism form the Stalinist cellar: 'The Balkan spy' in the post-Yugoslav context / Ivan Velisavljević - 10 The contested place of the detached home in Yugoslavia's socialist cities / Brigitte Le Normand - 11 Yugoslavia looking westward: transnational consumer contact with Italy During the 1960s / Francesca Rolandi - 12 Popular hybrids the Yugoslav way: what a girl would buy for her pocket money / Reana Senjković - Part III Cultural struggles and social movements - 13 Protesting for production: The Dita factory occupation and the struggle for justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina / Damir Arsenijević, Jasmina Husanović and Vanessa Vasić-Janeković - 14 The politics of (post)socialist sexuality: American foreign policy in Bosnia and Kosovo / Pito Rexhepi - 15 The strange case of Yugoslav feminism: feminism and socialism in "the Esat" / Adriana Zaharijević - 16 Cultural politics in (post)socialist Croatia: the question of (dis)continuity / Maciej Falski and Tomasz Rawski - 17 Neoliberal discourse and rhetoric in Croatian higher education / Andrea Ryznar - 18 'Yugoslavia after Yugoslavia': Graffiti about Yugoslavia in the post-Yugoslav urban landscape / Mitja Velikonja - 19 Afterword: And so they historicized / Boris Buden -

This edited volume explores the cultural life of capitalism during socialist and post-socialist times within the geopolitical context of the former Yugoslavia. Through a variety of cutting edge essays at the intersections of critical cultural studies, material culture, visual culture, neo-Marxist theories and situated critiques of neoliberalism, the volume rethinks the relationship between capitalism and socialism. Rather than treating capitalism and socialism as mutually exclusive systems of political, social and economic order, the volume puts forth the idea that in the context of the former Yugoslavia, they are marked by a mutually intertwined existence not only on the economic level, but also on the level of cultural production and consumption. It argues that culture―although very often treated as secondary in the analyses of either socialism, capitalism or their relationship―has an important role in defining, negotiating, and resisting the social, political and economic values of both systems.


Socijalistička Federativna Republika Jugoslavija -- kulturni kapitalizam -- socijalizam -- kapitalizam -- materijalna kultura -- vizualna kultura -- postmarksističke teorije -- kulturna produkcija -- kulturna potrošnja --

Kolanović, Maša ; Lugarić Vukas, Danijela ; Jelača, Dijana ; Grgas-Mufa, Stipe ; Jukić, Tatjana ; Petrović, Tanja ; Hofman, Ana ; Luthar, Breda ; Pušnik, Maruša ; Cvek, Sven ; Krašovec, Primož ; Kirn, Gal ; Velisavljević, Ivan ; Le Normand, Brigitte ; Rolandi, Francesca ; Senjković, Reana ; Arsenijević, damir ; Husanović, Jasmina ; Vasić-Janeković, Vanesa ; Rexepi, Piro ; Zaharijević, Adriana ; Falski, Maciej ; Rawski, Tomasz ; Ryznar, Anera ; Velikonja, Mitja ; Buden, Boris ;

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