Jelača, Dijana

Introduction: Cultural Capitalism the (Post)Yugoslav Way / Jelača, D. ; Kolanović, M. ; Lugarić, D.. - 1-20 str.

The Introduction offers key theoretical frameworks that inform this volume as a whole, and situates the context that makes the case of Yugoslavia so compelling and potentially unique. We ask what new insight Yugoslavia’s socialist and postsocialist cultural practices can offer to the study of social formations when viewed as simultaneously socialist and capitalist. The chapter elaborates on the need for interdisciplinary and comparative analyses of different spheres of everyday life and cultural production in the context of Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav times, in order to offer a case study with wider-reaching implications. It also elaborates on the conceptualization of the term “cultural capitalism, ” and how it may help us analytically parse those places where the boundary between socialism and capitalism becomes blurry.


Kolanović, Maša ; Lugarić Vukas, Danijela ;

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