Hriberski, Diana

HR4EU – e-learning portal for Croatian / Hriberski, Diana ; Farkaš, Daša ; Filko, Matea ; Polančec, Jurica. - 68-74 str.

Computer aided language learning is becoming more important in the globalized world. E-learning systems for foreign language acquisition are a must-have for each language that wants to be regarded as digitally literate. However, they also need to offer specialized courses for those who want to learn language for special purposes. In this paper we present HR4EU, a free-of-charge web-portal developed for e-learning of Croatian (, The portal integrates bidirectional interaction with some of the language resources developed previously and, apart from three general courses (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), offers two specialized modules: Croatian for students and Croatian for business users. These modules offer specialized vocabulary connected to business or education. Users can also learn how to write a proper CV, job application, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, etc. in standard Croatian. They are encouraged to write their own CV-s, short letters or e-mails by giving them individual feedback on their efficacy from our team members. We also teach our users how to efficiently use language resources for Croatian (corpus, morphological lexicons, semantic webs and syntactic structure visualizers) in order to improve their language skills. Moreover, Croatian culture, history, nature and gastronomy are presented via interactive maps in order to include cultural component as inseparable of language learning.


Farkaš, Daša ; Filko, Matea ; Polančec, Jurica ;

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