Hebrang Grgić, Ivana

Social networking phenomenon and its use in libraries / Ivana Hebrang Grgić ; Dorja Mučnjak. - 217-241 str.

Facebook was launched in 2004 and have become the worlds’ most popular social networking site. Libraries have recognized its importance and started to use it in promoting their activities and improving their services. The purpose of the research was to find out about the frequency and means of Croatian public libraries’ presences on Facebook. The paper analyses the nature of their presence, metric indicators, and activities on selected Facebook applications. The results have been compared to previous researches conducted in Croatia and around the world. The conclusion brings a number of fundamental recommendations concerning the presence of libraries on Facebook.


10.15516/cje.v17i1.789 doi

društvene mreže -- Facebook -- knjižnice --

Mučnjak, Dorja ;

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