Erdeljac, Vlasta

Effects of varying stimuli in imageability processing in Croatian aphasics / Erdeljac, Vlasta ; Peti-Stantić, Anita ; Willer-Gold, Jana ; Sekulić, Martina. - str.

Semantic processing in aphasia is commonly assumed to be affected by a specific language impairment. According and to modular models (MM), this is due to the impairment of a specific module or pathway, and according to Dual-code theory (DCT), the impairment is relative to a specific modality of mental representation. In this paper, we examine the extent to which the modality of stimuli facilitates recognition of high-low imaginable nouns in varying types of aphasia and reconsider relevance of integrating semantic category of imageability into current models of semantic processing and mental lexicon. To verify the hypothesis that each type of aphasia can provide a pathway specific evidence for DCT, we tested 24 Croatian aphasic patients on the adapted version of Picture and Word Semantics battery of tests from PALPA: Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia. Experiment results differentiated between 3 types of aphasia (sensory, nominal and motor). Collected data was used to conduct two follow up studies. First study concentrated on stimulus modality and check for the facilitating effects picture of high imaginable nouns has on semantic processing in 3 types of aphasia. This study analysed data collected on Spoken and Written Word-Picture Matching and Picture Naming tests. Second study focused on semantic category of imaginability and compared the effect spoken and written stimuli have in semantic processing of high and low imaginable nouns with respect to 3 types of aphasia. This study included data collected on Auditory and Written Synonymy judgment tests. Results allowed us to confirm the existing variations in the organisation of processing pathways specific to each type of aphasia as imagined by MM, and to correlate these variations with the interaction of the stimulus modality and the facilitating effects as predicted by DCT.


Peti-Stantić, Anita ; Willer Gold, Jana ; Sekulić Sović, Martina ;

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