Jerneić, Željko

Applicant faking behavior on personality questionnaires: an empirical model of motivational faking determinants / Jerneić, Željko ; Tonković Grabovac, Maša. - 1610-1610 str.

Many studies on job applicants have found individual differences in their tendency to fake personality questionnaires. The fact that there were only few empirical studies on faking determinants and that operationalizations of same determinants were various and inconsistent, encouraged us to comprehensively investigate motivation to fake and consequently applicants’ faking behavior. The sample included 185 students and alumni, which filled- in the personality questionnaire twice – first in condition which stressed honesty, and then in simulated selection condition for the job of collaborator on promotion tasks. Instead of job, five most successful applicants got a financial reward. The difference between the two personality inventory scores represented an individual measure of faking. In “honesty” condition we measured potential motivational determinants. The data were analyzed using SEM. The results generally confirmed the importance of faking determinants belonging to every hypothesized category: personality traits, moral code, perceptions of situation and perceived ability to fake. Only aspects of moral code predicted the level of faking via motivation to fake, while other determinants influenced the criterion directly. The contribution of this study is better understanding of motivational faking determinants. This is the first empirical study that has comprehensively examined motivational determinants of faking behavior proposed by multiple theoretical models.


Tonković Grabovac, Maša ;

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