Tonković Grabovac, Maša

To fake or not to fake? Interaction of warning and motivational determinants in predicting faking / Tonković Grabovac, Maša ; Jerneić, Željko. - str.

Applicants vary regarding their tendency to fake on personality questionnaires while selection situations vary regarding the level they make faking possible. There have been few empirical studies on faking determinants ; therefore, we wanted to investigate how a relevant situational factor, warning against faking, interacts with motivational factors in predicting applicants’ faking. The sample included 385 students and alumni, who filled-in the personality questionnaire in the “honest” condition and in a simulated selection condition. Based on the difference between the two personality inventory scores, we calculated an individual measure of faking. In addition, we collected data on potential motivational determinants. In simulated selection, participants were divided into two groups: with or without warning against faking which included information that faking can be detected and that it will result in negative consequences. The structural equation modeling results showed that, besides direct influence on the level of faking, thewarning against faking showed a moderator effect on the relationship between some determinants and criterion. It seems that the warning strengthens the contribution of contextual determinants and lowers the contribution of personality traits. Limitations include a potential difference in motivation to fake between participants and real-life applicants. The scientific contribution is better understanding of motivational and situational faking determinants. A practical contribution would be an improvement of strategies for dealing with applicants’ faking in personnel selection situations. This is the first empirical study that has examined the effect of warning within a comprehensive model of motivational determinants of faking behavior.


Jerneić, Željko ;

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