Odak, Marko

Multi-criteria decision making for selecting the most suitable strategy for the development of non-formal ways of learning / Marko Odak, Željko Marušić, Nikolaj Lazić. - 90-99 str.

There are many examples of SWOT analysis, fuzzy logic and AHP in college education, however, one of the problems is the lack of cooperation between institutions of college education and the employer, which leads to unplanned education of new generation of students. Colleges should provide students education which would provide abilities and knowledge that can be useful in their future profession. However, students are often unsatisfied with the college curriculum which is often out of date, as well as with the fact that too much attention is given to theory, and much less attention is given to practical knowledge which should provide them the ability to compete in the labor market. In this paper we will use multi-criteria decision making methods in college in order to question temporary possibilities for selecting the most appropriate strategy of non-formal ways of learning.

Marušić, Željko ; Lazić, Nikolaj ;

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