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A companion to Italian cinema / edited by Frank Burke. - Chichester : Wiley Blackwell, cop. 2017. - xxv, 618 str. ; 25 cm. . - ( Wiley Blackwell companions to national cinemas )

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First things. Introduction / Frank Burke -- Italian cinema studies: a conversation with Peter Bondanella / Frank Burke -- Historical/chronological perspectives. Silent cinema : Silent Italian cinema: a new medium for old geographies / Giorgio Bertellini -- Stardom in Italian silent cinema / Jacqueline Reich -- Fascism and Italian cinema. Genre, politics, and the fascist subject in the cinema of Italy / Marcia Landy -- The Italian film industry. Staying alive: the Italian film industry from the postwar to today / Barbara Corsi -- Cinema and religion. Italian cinema and catholicism: from Vigilanti cura to Vatican II and beyond / Marco Vanelli -- Neorealism. The Italian neorealist experience: the orphan-child and new ways of looking at the world / Lorenzo Borgotallo -- Italian neorealism: quotidian storytelling and transnational horizons / Laura E. Ruberto and Kristi M. Wilson -- Stardom and the 1950s. Italian film stars and their fans: the 1950s and early 1960s / Rika Buckley -- Film comedy: the 1950s and beyond. The popularity of Italian film comedy / Louis Bayman -- The question of Italian national character and the limits of commedia all-Italiana: Alberto Sordi, Federico Fellini, and Carlo Llizzani / Stephen Gundle -- French-Italian film collaborations into the 1960s. Cross-fertilization between France and Italy from neorealism through the 1960's Adriano Apre. Auteur cinema (1960s and 1970s): Italian auteur cinema in a modernist context / Veronica Pravadelli -- Popular film genres (1950s-1970s). Italian popular film genres / Austin Fisher -- Politics and/of terrorism (1960s to the present). The representation of terrorism in Italian cinema / Christian Uva -- Italian cinema from the 1970s to the present. From cinecitti to the small screen: Italian cinema after the mid-1970s crisis / Tiziana Ferrero-Regis -- Contemporary Italian film in the new media world / Mary Wood -- Alternative film forms. Thinking cinema: the essay film tradition in Italy / Laura Rascaroli -- Italian experimental cinema: art, politics, poetry / Sandra Lischi -- Notes on the history of Italian nonfiction film / Luca Caminati and Mauro Sassi -- Critical, aesthetic, and theoretical issues. A century of music in Italian cinema / Emanuele d'Onofrio -- The soundtrack in Italian cinema, a schizophonic take / Antonella Sisto -- Watching Italians turn around: gender, looking, and roman/cinematic modernity / John David Rhodes -- Women in Italian cinema: from the age of silent cinema to the third millennium / Bernadette Luciano and Susanna Scarparo -- Imagining the mezzogiorno: old and new paradigms / Fulvio Orsitto -- The queer of Italian cinema / Derek Duncan -- Migrant visions: redefining Italian cinema in a globalized world /Áine O'Healy -- How to tell time: Gilles Deleuze and Italian cinema / Angelo Restivo -- The screen in the mirror: thematic and textual reflexivity in Italian cinema / Stefania Parigi -- Globalizing the film experience: intertextuality in Italian cinema / Marguerite Waller -- Last things. Forum: the present state and future prospects of Italian cinema and cinema studies. -

Written by leading figures in the field, A Companion to Italian Cinema re-maps Italian cinema studies, employing new perspectives on traditional issues, and fresh theoretical approaches to the exciting history and field of Italian cinema.

Offers new approaches to Italian cinema, whose importance in the post-war period was unrivalled
Presents a theory based approach to historical and archival material
Includes work by both established and more recent scholars, with new takes on traditional critical issues, and new theoretical approaches to the exciting history and field of Italian cinema
Covers recent issues such as feminism, stardom, queer cinema, immigration and postcolonialism, self-reflexivity and postmodernism, popular genre cinema, and digitalization
A comprehensive collection of essays addressing the prominent films, directors and cinematic forms of Italian cinema, which will become a standard resource for academic and non-academic purposes alike

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Burke, Frank ; Bertellini, Giorgio ; Reich, Jacqueline ; Landy, Marcia ; Corsi, Barbara ; Vanelli, Marco ; Borgotallo, Lorenzo ; Ruberto, Laura E. ; Wilson, Kristi M. ; Buckley, Rika ; Bayman, Louis ; Gundle, Stephen ; Pravadelli, Veronica ; Fisher, Austin ; Uva, Christian ; Ferrero-Regis, Tiziana ; Wood, Mary ; Rascaroli, Laura ; Lischi, Sandra ; Caminati, Luca ; Sassi, Mauro ; d'Onofrio, Emanuele ; Sisto, Antonella ; Rhodes, John David ; Luciano, Bernadette ; Scarparo, Susanna ; Orsitto, Fulvio ; Duncan, Derek ; O'Healy, Áine ; Restivo, Angelo ; Parigi, Stefania ; Waller, Marguerite ;

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