Jukić, Tatjana

Fictions of Crime in a State of Exception / Tatjana Jukić. - 2017 - 43-60 str.

Socialism depends on capitalism for its constitution, because reflecting on capitalism is how the very raison of socialism is generated ; indeed, socialism may be one of the few positions where capitalism crystallizes as or into reflection. While this may be a point of departure to analyzing a variety of socialist cultures, it seems particularly suited to addressing governmentality and economy in Yugoslavia, in what amounts to a case of socialist exceptionalism. I argue that Yugoslav exceptionalism finds its specimen story in its crime fiction: economic logic assumed those positions in crime fiction that were traditionally associated with law, with subjectivation being reconstituted in the process. It is the subjectivation affiliated with masochism: not the Freudian masochism (a fit for state socialism) so much as its Deleuzian variant, which advertises the abolition of law in favor of contract and a marked investment in revolutionary politics.


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