Kocijan, Kristina

Language Generation from DB Query / Kristina Kocijan, Božo Bekavac, Božo, Krešimir Šojat. - 25-32 str.

This paper demonstrates how to generate natural language sentences from the pieces of data found in databases in the domain of flight tickets. By using NooJ to add context to specific customer data found in customer data sets, we are able to produce sentences that give a short textual summary of each customer, providing a list of possible suggestions how to proceed. In addition, due to the rich morphology of Croatian, we are giving special attention to matching gender, number and case information where appropriate. Thus, we are able to provide individualized and grammatically correct text in spite of the customer gender or the number of tickets bought and inquiries made. We believe that such short NL overviews can help ticket sellers get a quicker assessment of the type of a customer and allow for the exchange of information with more confidence and greater speed.

Bekavac, Božo ; Šojat, Krešimir ;

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