Večerina Tomaić, Jagoda

The efforts of Laura Papo Bohoreta in preserving the Judeo-Spanish language / Večerina Tomaić, Jagoda. - 237-244 str.

As a result of geographic isolation, the language barrier (surrounded by local Serbo- Croatian population and under the Turkish rule) and the fact that the Jewish community was educated in separate schools with no access for female children, the Judeo-Spanish language stayed preserved over the centuries in its original form. When Austria-Hungary "liberated" Bosnia (1878), Bosnia opened up to other nations, public schools with equal access for girls and boys were established, and the official language of teaching at schools was Serbo-Croatian. This opening of Bosnia and adoption of Western cultural achievement had a devastating effect on the native language of Sephardic Jews. Aware of the danger of falling into oblivion of their language, Laura Papo Bohoreta (Sarajevo, 1891-1942), insisted on preserving the Judeo- Spanish language, her main aim was rescuing from decay not only the language, but also a rich Sephardic-Bosnian heritage.


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