Tomić, Diana

Foreign language teaching and children with disabilities - hearing impairment / Tomić, Diana ; Posedi, Dijana ; Geld, Renata. - 494-499 str.

Hearing impairment causes numerous difficulties on the development of oral communication skills. Usually, rehabilitation is based either on spoken language or sign language. Foreign language learning among HI is no longer an exception but a frequent educational challenge, especially when HI learners are part of the inclusion process. Learners are faced not only with difficulties in speech perception but also insufficient L1 knowledge and together with their teachers with lack of proper teaching material, environmental support etc. In order to address this issue so that necessary advancement of the teaching process can be made, both qualitative and quantitative studies should be conducted. The qualitative study reported in this paper included focus group and in-depth interviews with teachers who had experienced teaching hearing impaired children. The topics included previous experience with learners in inclusion, benefits of inclusion, types of impairment and specific difficulties during teaching, satisfaction with support provided by institution and additional education aimed at teaching impaired learners. The analysis revealed that teachers find inclusion beneficial, but stronger support to the teaching process is required. Support should include not only materials, education, but also information about impairment which are often missing. The teachers also emphasize that their teaching competence and skills are mostly based on in- service experience, whereas the specific knowledge about a disability and evidence-based approach to teaching is missing. Based on the analysis, a questionnaire for quantitative study was prepared. It consists of one section regarding diagnosis and impairment typology, followed by practical suggestions for classroom activities, curricular adaptation, teaching strategies, teachers‘ education and language teaching challenges.


Posedi, Dijana ; Geld, Renata ;

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