Kolanović, Maša

Back to the Future of Capitalism : United States of America as Economic Metaphor in the Texts of Post-Yugoslav Dissidents / Maša Kolanović.

The writings of Post-Yugoslav dissidents or opponents to nationalistic regimes in newly created states after the breakup of Yugoslavia were so far mostly overviewed and interpreted under the niche of critique of nationalism, nostalgia for communism, or Yugonostalgia with a specific subversive potential (such as in writings of Dubravka Ugrešić, Slavenka Drakulić, Boris Buden, Bora Ćosić etc.). But what makes these writings again peculiarly relevant after 25 years of initial appearance are their reflections on capitalism, closely connected with the reflections on the breakup of socialism in Eastern Europe, and especially Yugoslavia. The expose will offer an analysis of different signifiers of capitalism in the texts of aforementioned post-Yugoslav dissidents in which the motive of the United States of America has a distinguished place as a prominent economic metaphor of global capitalism. Reflecting questions such as the role of “America” in their critical views on the breakup of Yugoslavia and the role of Yugoslav cultural and geopolitical legacy in their post-Yugoslav perspective on capitalist America, the expose will question the concepts of future and “post, ” the East and the West, male and female perspectives, in reflecting the birth of global capitalism from the spirit of socialist ruins as another important but often neglected critical narrative in the texts of prominent post-Yugoslav dissidents.

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