Duić, Igor

International cyber security challenges / Igor Duić, ; Vlatko Cvrtila, Tomislav Ivanjko. - 1525-1529 str.

The opportunities provided by the information and communications technology, with a special emphasis on the Internet, have become an integral part of life. However, are we sufficiently aware and prepared as individuals, nations or the international community for the threats coming from cyberspace or for the denial of the use of that dimension of communication, commerce and even warfare? Namely, despite the growing number of users, the Internet is still beyond or below minimum regulation. Those are precisely the conditions for the organization and realization of hostile action in cyberspace. There are security issues within the cyberspace that represent a security risk and challenge of modern times. The development and application of the information and communications technology has created a new battleground. As a special challenge to international security, cyber terrorism arises. Cyber security will significantly affect international relations in the 21st century. This paper gives an overview of the concepts and principles of cyber threats that affect the safety and security in an international context.


Cvrtila, Vlatko ; Ivanjko, Tomislav ;

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