Demicheli, Dino

Tiberius and his family on the epigraphic monuments from Dalmatia / Dino Demicheli. - 9-39 str.

The paper discusses 26 inscriptions1 from the territory of the province of Dalmatia which mention the emperor Tiberius and the members of his family. Although all of the members of the Julio-Claudian family were related to Tiberius, this article includes only those members who were mentioned on the inscriptions which were set up during the reign of Tiberius. The first mentions of Tiberius on the epigraphic monuments from Dalmatia started to appear at the end of Augustus’ period and lasted until the first years of Caligula’s reign. These 26 monuments were found on 12 sites and belong to diverse categories. They can be divided into three groups: 1) official inscriptions pertaining to Tiberius set by the governors of Dalmatia, city councils or individual groups (cat. nos. 1–18) ; 2) inscriptions pertaining to the members of Tiberius’ family (Livia, Drusus the Younger, Drusus Caesar and Nero Caesar) set up during his reign (cat. nos. 19–23) ; 3) the inscriptions commemorating soldiers decorated with the dona militaria by the emperor Tiberius (cat. nos. 24–26).


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