Mikelić Preradović, Nives

The role and attitudes of kindergarten educators in ICT-supported early childhood education / Nives Mikelić Preradović, Gordana Lešin, Damir Boras. - 162-172 str.

In this paper we analyze the role and attitudes of kindergarten educators in the early ICT education. Our kindergarten survey among educators in Croatia showed the positive attitude towards ICT literacy in general, but it also showed that more than one third of educators has neither positive nor negative attitude towards the issue of early ICT education. The research results are compared to the most recent findings for other countries – Turkey, Hawaii, Sweden, Belgium, China, Greece, Portugal, UK, Australia, Israel, Chile, Slovakia, Singapore and Malaysia. The conclusion is that educators in countries that are still not obliged to use ICT in the preschool classroom, generally understand the necessity of their own ICT education and motivation to transfer their knowledge to the youngest learners.


10.18421/TEM61-24 doi

Lešin, Gordana ; Boras, Damir ;

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