Kolak, Ante

Analysis of student's questions in the teaching process / Ante Kolak ; Ivan Markić. - 478-480 str.

In the framework of the research project entitled “The Didactic culture of school”, the authors of this paper have selected the teaching process as the object of study. Observation in the teaching process was directed at the student questions. By observing the student questions from different perspectives the authors could examine symmetry between the teaching communication and the students’ curiosity. The authors approach the students’ questions from a didactical point of view, defining them as a path to knowledge. Symmetry (or its absence) is observed in relation to interactive context and with consideration of the participation of all stakeholders in the teaching process. The results of previous studies confirm and point to the marked asymmetry of the teaching process, the dominant position of teachers and the subordinate position of students. The problem of this research focuses on the analysis of the questions students ask during classes which introduce new curriculum content. The goal is to determine the symmetry (or asymmetry) of teaching communication and to analyse the questions raised by students. The specific research questions to be answered are: 1.Does the number of questions raised by the teaching process subjects confirm symmetry in teaching communication? 2. Does teaching communication encourage students’ spontaneity and curiosity? The sample for analysis are teachers and their students (age 10-12). The materials for the analysis are video recorded lessons in which new curriculum content is taught.


Markić, Ivan, ;

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