Gračanin, Hrvoje

The Notion of the Methodii Doctrina in the Context of the Church Synod of Split (AD 925) / Gračanin, Hrvoje ; Petrak, Marko. - 28-42 str.

In the Letter of Pope John X to the metropolitan archbishop of Split and his suffragan bishops in Dalmatia, written in the context of the well-known Church synod of Split from the year 925, the notion of the Methodii doctrina is specially mentioned. Pope John X complained that the Methodii doctrina is widespread in Dalmatia, demanding that the tendency be put to an end, because it neglected the „doctrine of the Gospel, volumes of the canons and the apostolic precepts“ (...doctrinam Evangelii atque canonum volumina apostolicaque etiam precepta praetermittentes, ad Methodii doctrinam confugiant, quem in nullo volumine inter sacros auctores comperimus...). According to the prevailing opinion of the notable Croatian scholars (e. g. N. Klaić, I. Petrović, R. Katičić, E. Hercigonja), the pejorative notion of the Methodii doctrina should be interpretated liturgically, i.e. as the celebration of the Church rituals in the Slavonic language. However, the Pope was pointing out the neglect of the doctrina Evangelii, canonum volumina and apostolica precepta, which was undoubtedly a reference to the doctrine of the Church and the norms of the Canon law. Thus, it is logical to presume that the notion of the Methodii doctrina is not only reduced to the question of liturgical language, but that it also includes some of the very important general ecclesiastical questions. For example, some of the crucial neuralgic canonical issues of that time and context, apart from the Slavonic language, also discussed and defined by the norms of the mentioned Synod of Split from 925, such as the (il)licitness of clerical marriage or the autonomy of the local church, were regulated in the Latin Church differently than in the Nomocanon of St. Methodius. Starting from the fact that the Pope obviously saw the necessity to impose the „Latin matrix“ at the Synod of Split, the paper will analyse in which manner and to what extent the Methodii doctrina and the life of the ecclesiastical structures of the Slavonic liturgical language in the territories of Dalmatia in 10th c. differed from the mentioned matrix as a result of the Byzantine missionary activity.


Petrak, Marko ;

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