Belaj, Marijana

Sacred places and religious practices among Croatian spiritual seekers: a Medjugorje case study / Belaj, Marijana ; Šantek, Goran-Pavel. - 57-79 str.

The political, economic, and sociocultural transitions and transformations that Croatia has experienced since the 1990s have also affected the position of the Church in society. In the last decade, institutional religion in Croatia has lost its legitimizing function in society, and religiousness is greatly influenced by the individualization and subjectivization of, or distance from, institutional religious principles and doxa. Internal conflicts within the Church regarding the most known pilgrimage place in Hercegovina, in Medjugorje notwithstanding, the pilgrimage to Medjugorje continues to flourish, upholding the thesis about the “spiritual turn” in contemporary society.


10.3986/Traditio2017460405 doi

Šantek, Goran Pavel ;

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