Karl, Dario

A construction grammar approach in the NooJ framework: Semantic analysis of lexemes describing emotions in Croatian language / Karl, Dario ; Bekavac, Božo ; Raffaelli, Ida. - str.

The paper deals with semantic analysis of several lexemes encoding emotions in Croatian language. The paper embraces the Construction grammar approach and shows how some of its basic theoretical tenets perfectly comply with the computational capabilities of NooJ. Using examples of the noun strah 'fear' the aim of the research is to point out the possiblities in annotating specific constructional meanings in NooJ, like different connotations of chosen lexemes, generalized uses of that constructions (their distributions in more abstract constructions like noun phrases), their relations with other constructions (other intensifiers of emotions, causative sentences etc.) and various distinctive features of their specific meanings (pragmatic features, as well as semantic and morphosyntactic), which all reflect different linguistic and cognitive phenomena in the language use.


Bekavac, Božo ; Raffaelli, Ida ;

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