Landripet, Ivan

Longitudinal Test of The Content Progression Thesis: Is It a valid model for understanding adolescent pornography use? / Ivan Landripet, Aleksandar Štulhofer, Vesna Buško. - 100-100 str.

Objective: Content progression thesis – integral to conditioning theories – assumes that pornography use leads to increased pornography use over time and to preferences for increasingly aggressive contents. To assess these propositions, associations were examined between the dynamics of pornography use and the preference for aggressive contents among male Croatian adolescents across a 24-month period. Design and Method: Participants were 249 high school students who participated in at least three of five waves of the PROBIOPS online panel study. Pornography use was measured by the reported frequency of use in the past six months. Preference for aggressive pornography was measured by two items enquiring if the contents that was typically used depicted someone forced to do something sexually or who seemed to be in pain. Results: Separate and joint latent change and latent growth curve models demonstrated significant between- and within-individual differences in pornography use and content preferences across five measurement occasions. Latent measures of growth in aggressive content preferences were unrelated, both with the initial level of pornography use and its changes over time. Conclusions: Pornography use alone was not found to be associated either with increased pornography use over time or with use of increasingly sexually aggressive contents. More integrative frameworks need to be employed to conceptualize additional factors contributing to frequent pornography use, shift in content preference, and aggressive outcomes.


Štulhofer, Aleksandar ; Buško, Vesna ;

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