Kolak, Ante

Curiosity and students' questions in the teaching process / Ante Kolak ; Ivan Markić. - 24-34 str.

Within the framework of teaching communication the attention of the researchers was focused on the problem of symmetry. Due to the complexity of the symmetry phenomenon in teaching communication the research was narrowed to student speech, i.e. to student questions. By considering the student question from different aspects the authors of this paper single out as important the number of questions asked by students during one teaching lesson as well as the types of questions asked as regards the presence or absence of students’ curiosity. Therefore, the analysis of questions asked by students in teaching process during which students acquire new teaching contents, has also been singled out as a problem of research. The goal of this research is to establish symmetry (or asymmetry) of teaching communication and to analyse the questions asked by students. The results showed the constancy of asymmetrical communication in the teaching process in almost all the teaching units observed, and the lack of students' questions, resulting from their lack of curiosity. Symmetry in communication and the largest number of questions arising from students' curiosity were seen in teaching units where the principles of integrated learning were applied.


Markić, Ivan, ;

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