Kolak, Ante

Teaching mathematics and mathematically gifted students / Ante Kolak ; Zoran Horvat. - 262-271 str.

The objective of the study reported in this paper was to investigate problems of a specific student group within a gifted students group consisting of mathematically gifted students. Other findings distinguished various theoretical approaches to the study of mathematical giftedness and the importance of developing multiple intelligences. Different authors explain that the mathematical-logical intelligence still occupies a firm position on the pedestal of all intelligences and connect it with professional egoism among math teachers as well as to the high status awarded to mathematically gifted students in the school hierarchy. Based on insight into additional research we have identified the profile of mathematically gifted students through indicative personality traits and student's characteristics. The methodic-didactic challenges of teaching mathematics focus on the acceleration process and curriculum enrichment as well as on the selection of a teaching strategy that takes into account all the guidelines and findings obtained by studying the mathematically gifted students. Many studies have shown that gifted students need to be treated and taught in a supportive family and school environment and provided with a series of favourable environmental factors to realise their potential. The authors have listed competencies of efficient teachers and underlined how a successful math teacher must have a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge of gifted students and know all the specifics of teaching mathematics.


Horvat, Zoran ;

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