Veselica Majhut, Snježana

From foot to meter: rendering of culture- specific items in popular fiction translations from English to Croatian / Snježana Veselica Majhut ; Ivana Bašić. - 2015. - 197-218 str.

This study focuses on selected groups of frequently recurring culture-specific items whose rendering, due to their recurring character, is assumed to be governed by textual-linguistic norms (Toury, 1995: 59). We investigated the patterns of the rendering of three groups of culture-specific items: units of measurement, titles and forms of address, and urban toponyms in a corpus of popular fiction texts translated form English into Croatian in two distinct periods of time (the early 1960s -1970s and the 2000s - 2010s). As their use contributes to the cultural markedness of the target text, the employed solution types are further classified as being assimilating, exoticizing, neutralizing or educating. We also conducted interviews with several translators and editors of the texts from the corpus. The aim of both methods was to gain an initial insight into the existence and operation of textual-linguistic norms governing the ways of rendering the studied culture- specific items and possible resulting changes in text-level orientations.


Bašić, Ivana ;

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