Maleš, Dubravka

Parents’ View on Parenting - a Survey of Croatian Parents / Dubravka Maleš ; Ksenija Romstein. - str.

In modern societies parenting is one of the major concerns of the government, yet the nature of this phenomenon is rarely discussed in public. To find out the main characteristics of parents’ view on parenting in Croatia, a survey was conducted throughout 2011. The participants were parents from all Croatian counties (N=1634). The results showed that Croatian parents’ view on parenting encompasses diverse perspectives on the continuum from the positive to the negative perceptions of this role. Croatian parents nurture inconsistency in their view on parenting, which suggests that parenting is a complex phenomenon influenced by many factors (personal, social, economic etc.) and built on reciprocity and mutuality between a child and his or her parents. This is in consistence with the Social role theory, which acknowledges relations between the context, person’s social status and behaviors emerging from these entities. Obtained results have both a scientific and a pragmatic value. While the scientific value represents a base for further questioning of the influence of folk (implicit) pedagogy and social conformism in adults’ behaviors during interaction with a child, the pragmatic one is more concerned with the application of the results in everyday cooperation with parents, i.e. designing a quality social support for parents.


Romstein, Ksenija ;

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