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Adapting Frankenstein : the monsters eternal lives in popular culture / edited by Dennis R. Cutchins and Dennis R. Perry. - Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018. - xvi, 343 str, ; 24 cm

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Introduction: The Frankenstein complex: when the text is more than a text / Dennis R. Cutchins and Dennis R. Perry - Part I: Dramatic adaptations of 'Frankenstein' on stage and radio : - 1. Frankenstein's spectacular nineteenth-century stage history and legacy / Lissette Lopez Szwydky - 2 A Frankensteinian model for adaptation studies, or 'It lives!': adaptive symbiosis and Peake's 'Presumption, of the fate of Frankenstein' / Glenn Jellenik - 3 The Gothic imagination in American sound recordings of 'Frankenstein' / Laurence Raw - Part II: cinematic and television adaptations of 'Frankenstein' : - 4 A paranoid parable of adaptation: 'Forbidden Planet', 'Frankenstein', and the atomic age / Dennis R. Perry - 5 'The curse of Frankenstein': Hammer Film Studios' reinvention of horror cinema / Morgan C. O'Brien - 6 The Frankenstein complex on the small screen: Mary Shelley's motivic novel as adjacent adaptation / Kyle William Bishop - 7 The new ethics of 'Frankenstein': responsibility and obedience in 'I, Robot' and 'X-Men; First Class' / Matt Lorenz - 8 Hammer films and the perfection of the Frankenstein project / Maria K. Bachman and paul C. Peterson - Part III: Literary adaptations of 'Frankenstein' : - 9 'Plainly stiched together': 'Frankenstein, neo-Victorian fiction, and the palimpsestuous literary past / Jamie Horrocks - 10 Frankenstenian re-articulation in Scotland: monstrous marriage, maternity, and the politics of embodiment / Carol Margaret Davison - 11 Young Frankensteins: graphic children's rexts and the rwenty-first-century monster / Jessica Straley - 12 In his image: the mad scientist remade in the young adult novel / Farran L. Norris Sands - 13 The soul of the matter: 'Frankenstein' meets H.P. Lovecraft's 'Herbert West - Reanimator' / Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock - Part IV: 'Frankenstein' in art, illustrations, and comics : - 14 Illustration, adaptation, and the development of 'Frankenstein' s visual lexicon / Kate Newell - 15 'The X-Men meet Frankenstein!': "Nuff Said": adapting Mary Shelley's monster in superhero comic books / Joe Darowski - 16 Expressionism, deformity, and abject texture in 'bande dessinée' appropriations of 'Frankenstein' / Véronique Bragard and Catherine Thewissen - Part V: New media adaptations of 'Frankenstein' : - 17 Assembling the body/text: 'Frankenstein' in new media / Tully Barnett and Catherine Thewissen - 18 Adaptations of 'liveness' in theatrical representations of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' / Kelly Jones - Frankenstein pulse: an afterword / Richard J. Hand -


Shelley, Mary -- Frankenstein -- adaptacije -- Frankenstein - adaptacije -- popularna kultura --

Perry, Dennis R. ;

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