International Conference on Ancient Textiles (1 ; 2003 ; Lund, Copenhagen)

Ancient textiles : production, craft and society : proceedings of the First International Conference on Ancient Textiles, held at Lund, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 19-23, 2003 / edited by Carole Gillis and Marie-Louise B. Nosch. - [Pbk ed.]. - Oxford : Philadelphia : Oxbow Books ; 2014. - X, 286 str. : ilustr. djelomice u boji, graf. prikazi, tablice ; 29 cm

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Introduction / Carole Gillis and Marie-Louise B. Nosch -- Pt. 1. Introduction to textiles: background, studies and application. Methodological introduction / by John Peter Wild -- The world according to textiles / by Lise Bender Jørgensen -- The academic craftsman: a discussion on knowledge of craft in textile research / by Martin Ciszuk -- Pt. 2. Production and organization. Textile tools and production during the Viking age / by Eva B. Andersson -- Spinning and weaving at Tell Mardikh-Ebla (Syria): some observations on spindle-whorls and loom-weights from the Bronze and Iron Ages / by Luca Peyronel -- Textile industry and Minoan palaces / by Pietro Militello -- Flax and linen textiles in the Mycenaean palatial economy / by Françoise Rougemont -- Cloth production in late Bronze Age Greece: the documentary evidence / by John T. Killen -- Washing and dyeing installations of the ancient Mediterranean: towards a definition from Roman times back to Minoan Crete / by Maria Emanuela Alberti -- The kingdom of Midas and royal cloth production / by Brendan Burke -- Textile production in proto-historic Italy: from specialists to workshops / by Margarita Gleba -- Textiles from the 1st century CE in Jerusalem: a preliminary report / by Orit Shamir -- Artifacts related to preparation of wool and textile processing found inside the terrace houses of Ephesus, Turkey / by Elisabeth Trinkl -- 'Dyeing in ancient Italy? Evidence for the purpurarii / by Lisa Hughes -- Local cloth production in medieval Turku, Finland / by Heini Kirjavainen -- Woolen textiles in archaeological finds and descriptions in written sources of the 14th to 18th centuries / by Klaus Tidow & Eva Jordan-Fahrbrach -- Pt. 3. Craft and technology. 'Translating' archaeological textiles / by Lise Ræder Knudsen -- The use of wool for the production of strings, ropes, braided mats, and similar fabrics / by Hartmuth Waetzoldt -- Under canvas / by Susan Möller-Wiering -- Similarities and distinctions of Minoan and Mycenaean textiles / by Edith Trnka -- Re-considering alum on the linear B tablets / by Richard Firth -- Late Roman and Byzantine linen tunics in the Louvre museum / by Roberta Cortopassi -- Looped-pile textiles in the Benaki Museum (Athens) / by Sofia Tsourinaki -- A medieval Georgian textile in the Benaki Museum (Athens): the sakkos of the Antiochene Patriarch with Georgian embroidery / by Irine Nikoleishvili & Eliso Akhvlediani -- The Llangorse textile: approaches to understanding an early medieval masterpiece / by Louise Mumford, Heather Prosser & Julie Taylor -- A study of textile remains from the 5th century BC discovered in Kalyvia, Attica / by Christophe Moulherat & Youlie Spantidaki -- Ancient textile evidence in soil structures at the Agora excavations in Athens, Greece / by Julie Unruh -- Pt. 4. Society. Weaving the social fabric / by Elizabeth J.W. Barber -- Invisable exports in Aratta: Enmerkar and the three tasks / by Irene Good -- Textile production at Pseira: the knotted net / by Philip P. Betancourt -- Weaving at Akrotiti, Thera. Defining cloth-making activities as a social process in a late Bronze Age Aegean town / by Iris Tzachili -- Can a textile tradition survive? The rebozo in a changing society / by Yosi Anaya -- Political affinities and economic fluctuations: the evidence from textiles / by Nettie K. Adams -- Clothing patterns as constructs of the human mind: establishment and continuity / by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett -- Picture in textili on shoulder busts in hellenistic Sicily? / by Antonella Pautasso -- Spinning in the Roman world: from everyday craft to metaphor of destiny / by Daniela Cottica -- Wool work as a gender symbol in ancient Rome. Roman textiles and ancient sources / by Lena Larsson Lovén -- Christian influences and symbols of power in textiles from Viking age Denmark. Christian influence from the continent / by Anne Hedeager Krag -- Appendix: First aid for the excavation of archaeological textiles. Guidelines for the excavation of archaeological textiles / by Jana Jones ... [et al.] -- Use of a digital camera for documentation of textiles / by Annemette Buselius Scharff. -


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Gillis, Carole ; Nosch, Marie-Louise ;

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