Dickey, Eleanor

An introduction to the composition and analysis of Greek prose / Eleanor Dickey. - [6th printing]. - Cambridge : Cambridge university press, 2018. - XC, 298 str. ; 25 cm

1. izd. 2016. -

Kazalo. -

Preface -- Useful reference texts -- Accentuation -- 1. Articles -- 2. Modifiers -- 3. Tenses, voices, and agreement -- 4. Cases -- 5. Participles -- 6. The structure of a Greek sentence: word order and connection -- Review exercises 1 -- 7. Conditional, concessive, and potential clauses -- 8. Relative clauses -- 9. Pronouns -- 10. Indirect statement -- 11. Questions -- Review exercises 2 -- 12. Purpose, fear, and effort -- 13. Cause, result, and 'on condition that' -- 14. Comparison and negatives -- 15. Commands, wishes, and prevention -- 16. Temporal clauses -- Review exercises 3 -- 17. Impersonal constructions and verbal adjectives -- 18. Oratio obliqua -- 19. Summary -- 20. Consolidation -- Appendices: A. Errors in Smyth's Grammar -- B. English tenses and their Greek equivalents (indicative only) -- C. Hints for analyzing Greek sentences -- D. English conditional clauses -- E. A selection of terminologies for describing Greek conditional sentences -- F. Short, easily confused words -- G. Partial answer key -- H. The next step: prose composition as an art form -- Principal parts -- Vocabulary -- Index to vocabulary. -

S omota: "Why learn to write in a dead language? Because a really good understanding of a language can only be attained by using it actively. Unlike earlier textbooks aimed at schoolboys, this work addresses modern adults who want to understand concepts fully as they learn. Drawing on recent scholarship where appropriate and assuming no prior background except some reading knowledge of Greek, the course combines a structured review of paradigms and vocabulary with clear and comprehensive explanations of the rules of Greek syntax. Large numbers of exercises are provided, both with and without key: a complete set of cumulative exercises and another set of non-cumulative exercises for those who prefer to dip into specific sections. The exercises include, as well as English sentences and paragraphs for translation, Greek sentences and passages for translation, analysis, and manipulation. A full English-Greek vocabulary and list of principal parts are included"--

Engleski jezik. Grčki jezik. Latinica; grčki alfabet.

9780521761420 (hbk) 9780521184250 (pbk)

grčki jezik -- učenje grčkog jezika -- grčka proza - kompozicija --

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