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Jacobson, Mandy

Defying genocide choices that saved lives / [Videosnimka] : [redatelj] Mandy Jacobson. - Washington, D.C. : United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, [s. a.]. - 1 optički disk (DVD-video) (19 min.) : sa zvukom, u bojama ; 12 cm

Jezik: engleski -

Sudionici: Damas gisimba, Carl Wilkens, Simone Weil Lipman

The story of how Simone Weil Lipman was able to save thousands of Jewish children during the Holocaust is a starting point for an exploration of what it takes to defy genocide. The film focuses on Damas Gisimba, director of a small orphanage in Rwanda that was besieged by militias during the 1994 genocide. Learn how Gisimba, with the help of American aid worker Carl Wilkens, managed to protect, care for, and save some 400 people


Dokumentarni film -- Genocid - Rwanda -- Holokaust - Židovi -- Sjedinjene Američke Države -- DVD --

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