Handbook on the neuropsychology of aging and dementia / Lisa D. Ravdin, Heather L. Katzen, editors. - 2nd ed. - Cham : Springer, 2019. - XVI, 763 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm . - ( Clinical handbooks in neuropsychology )

5: The Assessment of Change: Serial Assessments in Dementia Evaluations -

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Intro; Preface; Contents; Contributors; Part I: Neuropsychological Assessment of Older Adults: The Fundamentals; 1: Special Considerations for the Neuropsychological Interview with Older Adults; Demographic and Referral Information; Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Complaints; Physical Symptoms; Cognitive Symptoms; Emotional Symptoms; Functional Capacity; Medical History; Social History; Conclusion; Clinical Pearls; References; 2: Consideration of Cognitive Reserve; Introduction to Cognitive Reserve; Theoretical Issues; Estimating Cognitive Reserve; Individual Characteristics - Cumulative Life ExperiencesIntellectual Function; Statistical Approaches; Brain Network Patterns; Application of Cognitive Reserve in Clinical Practice; Clinical Pearls; References; 3: Neuropsychological Evaluation of Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Older Adults; Sociocultural Framework; Health Disparities; Culture and Cognitive Aging; Neurocognitive Disorders; Risk for Misdiagnosis; Ethical Issues and Competence; Considerations for Neuropsychological Evaluation with Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Older Adults; The Physical Space; Clinical Interview and History; Preinterview - Establishing and Maintaining RapportInterviewing Considerations; Informants; Testing Considerations; Neuropsychological Test and Normative Data Selection; Screening Instruments; English Language Tests and Normative Data; Non-English Language Tests and Normative Data; Sociocultural Testing Issues; Culture and Acculturation; Quality of Education (QoE); Working with Linguistic Minorities: Non-English-Speaking and Bilingual Older Adults; Qualitative Information; Post-Evaluation Considerations; Conclusion; Clinical Pearls; References; 4: Assessment of Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults - Epidemiology of Late-Life DepressionSuicide; Epidemiology of Late-Life Anxiety; Diagnosis of Clinical Depression and Anxiety; Diagnosis of Clinical Depression; Major Depressive Disorder; Psychotic Depression; Persistent Depressive Disorder or Dysthymia; Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and/or Depressed Mood; Cognitive Deficits Associated with Depression; Depression in Alzheimer's Disease; Diagnosis of Anxiety; Generalized Anxiety Disorder; Specific Phobia; Panic Disorder; Agoraphobia; Diagnostic Considerations; Rule Out Other Diagnoses; Substance Abuse - Evaluation of Medical Conditions and MedicationsAssessment of Depression and Anxiety; Accurate Diagnosis of Depression; Assessment of Past or Present Suicide Ideation; Depression Versus Normal Fluctuation of Mood; Complicated Grief; Accurate Diagnosis of Anxiety Disorders: Productive Anxiety Versus Unnecessary Worrying; Differentiating Obsessive Anxiety and Overvalued Ideas from Delusions; The Use of Formal Measures in the Assessment of Depression and Anxiety; Involvement of Caregiver; Assessment of Disability; Clinical Pearls; References -

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Ravdin, Lisa D. ; Katzen, Heather L. ;

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