Advances in forensic taphonomy : method, theory, and archaeological perspectives / edited by William D. Haglund, Marcella H. Sorg. - Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, ©2002. - xxxii, 507 str. : ilustr. ; 26 cm

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Multidisciplinary Forewords: Foreword from Pathology / Donald Reay.-- Foreword from Paleontology / R. Lee Lyman.-- Foreword from Archaeology: A Pilgrim in Forensic Archaeology -- A Personal View / J.R. Hunter. - Section 1: Theoretical Perspectives: Advancing Forensic Taphonomy: Purpose, Theory, and Practice / Marcella H. Sorg and William D. Haglund.-- Is Forensic Taphonomy Scientific? / Jon Nordby. - Section 2: The Biogeographic Context: An Autopsy of the Grave: Recognizing, Collecting, and Preserving Forensic Goetaphonomic Evidence / Michael Hochrein.-- Forensics, Archaeology, and Taphonomy: The Symbiotic Relationship / Julie Saul and Frank Saul.-- Position of Skeletal Remains as a Key to Understanding Mortuary Behavior / Mirjana Roksandic.-- Taphonomic and Forensic Aspects of Bog Bodies / Don Brothwell and Heather Gill-Robinson.-- The Effect of Cultivation on Buried Human Remains / William D. Haglund, Melissa Connor, and Douglas Scott.-- Detection and Recovery of Abducted and Murdered Children: Behavioral and Taphonomic Influences / Robert Morton and Wayne Lord.-- Insects Associated with the Body: Their Use and Analysis / Gail Anderson and Valerie Cervenka.-- Human Remains in Water Environments / William D. Haglund and Marcella H. Sorg.-- Floating Remains on Pacific Northwest Waters / Curtis Ebbesmeyer and William Haglund. - Section 3: Mass Fatalities and Mass Graves: Recent Mass Graves, An Introduction / William D. Haglund.-- Taphonomy of a Karstic Cave Execution Site at Hrgar, Bosnia-Herzegovina / Tal Simmons.-- Mass Graves and the Collection of Forensic Evidence: Genocide, War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity / Stefan Schmitt.-- Postburial Disturbance of Graves in Bosnia-Herzegovina / Mark Skinner, Heather York, and Melissa Connor.-- Cannibalism or Violent Death Alone? Human Remains at a Small Anasazi Site / Sally Graver, Kristin Sobolik, and John Whittaker.-- Damnum Fatale: The Taphonomic Fate of Human Remains in Mass Disasters / Paul Sledzik and William Rodriguez III.-- Approaches to the Study of Commingling in Human Skeletal Biology / Douglas Ubelaker. - Section 4: Modification of Bone, Soft Tissue, and Associated Materials: Detecting the Postburial Fragmentation of Carpals, Tarsals, and Phalanges / Christyann Darwent and R. Lee Lyman.-- Degradation of Clothing and Other Dress Materials Associated with Buried Bodies of Both Archaeological and Forensic Interest / R.C. Janaway.-- Taphonomic Context of Sharp-Force Trauma in Suspected Cases of Human Mutilation and Dismemberment / Steven A. Symes et. alia.-- A Critical Look at Methods for Recovering, Evaluating, and Interpreting Cremated Human Remains / Pamela Correia and Owen Beattie.-- Recovery and Interpretation of the Fatal Fire Victim: The Role of Forensic Anthropology / Dennis Dirkmaat.-- The Use of DNA in the Identification of Postmortem Remains / Michelle Harvey and Mary-Claire King.-- Disarticulation Pattern and Tooth Mark Artifacts Associated with Pig Scavenging of Human Remains: A Case Study / Hugh Berryman. -

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Haglund, William D. ; Sorg, Marcella H. ;

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