821.161.09 Puškin, A.S. : 821.111.09 Shakespeare, W. ;
O'Neil, Catherine

With Shakespeare's eyes : Pushkin's creative appropriation of Shakespeare / Catherine O'Neil. - Newark : London : University of Delaware Press ; Associated University Presses, 2003. - 190 str. ; 25 cm.

Bibliografija: str. 176-184. - Kazalo -

Introduction: Pusckin and poetic influence - 1. Ghostly fathers and unthrifty sons: Shakespeare and 'Boris Godunov' : The history plays: rovidential progress or vicious circle? ; 'Julius Caesar' and 'Boris Godunov' ; Tha father-son theme in Shakespeare and 'Boris Godunov' ; The hero awakens: the pretender and the 'narod' ; The 'narod' and 'samozvanchesvo' (pretenderhood) in Pushkin and Shakespeare - 2. Of monarchy and mercy: 'Measure for measure' in Pushkin's works : 'Measure for measure' and 'Andzhelo' ; The theme of mercy ; Enter the heroine: Pushkin's portrayal of Isabella ; The 'Measure for measure' subtext in 'Poltava' and 'The captain's daughter' ; Pushkin and "problem comedies" ; The theme of law in Pushkin - 3. Pushkin and 'Othello' : 'Othello' on stage in Europe and Russia ; Gannibal: from court blackmoor to Russian nobleman ; 'The moor of Peter the Great' ; 'Poltava' ; Pushkin and Desdemona ; Not jelaous by nature - Conclusion: Patterns in Pushkin and Shakespeare: Shakespeare's "fairly weak poem": 'Count Nulin' and 'The rape of Lucrece' ; Shakespeare's charming creations: Romeo, Juliet, and the Cavalier Mercution ; Shakespeare and folklore: 'Rusalke' ; Loving fathers and willful maids: Pushkin's Shakespearean heroines -



Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, 1799-1837 --Criticism and interpretation.
Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, 1799-1837 --Knowledge--Literature.
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 --Influence.

Russian literature--English influences.

Puškin, Aleksandr Sergeevič -- Shakespeare, William -- utjecaj -- ruska književnost -- engleski utjecaji --

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