bilten prinova - indologija 2017 RSS feed for public list bilten prinova - indologija 2017 A syntagmaticon of Hindī verbo-nominal syntagmas / by Kostić, Svetislav A world of nourishment : Adaptive Reuse : After the Raj : by Purcell, Hugh Antim daśak ki Hindi kavita / by Miśra, Ravindranath Argument and design : Christians and missionaries in India : Complete Hindi / by Snell, Rupert Courtly culture and political life in early medieval India / by Ali, Daud Destiny and human initiative in the Mahābhārata / by Woods, Julian F. Dialogue in early South Asian religions : Dissertation on the Sanskrit language / by Paulinus, Hellada i Indija : by Ježić, Mislav Introducing Japanese religion / by Ellwood, Robert S. Jataka stories in Theravada Buddhism : by Appleton, Naomi Karol Glaser : by Pacheiner Klander, Vlasta Krishna in the Harivamsha.: by Couture, André Kr̥ṣṇa in the Harivaṁśa. by Couture, André Le Mahābhārata : by Biardeau, Madeleine Le Mahābhārata : by Biardeau, Madeleine Naša stara vjera : by Katičić, Radoslav Non-violence in the Mahābhārata : by Hiltebeitel, Alf On the growth and composition of the sankrit epics and purāṇas. : Ostavka / by Jainendra Kumār Pandanus. Pandanus. Pandanus. Pandanus. Pandanus. Proceedings of the Conference Patterns of bravery : The Figure of the Hero in Indian Literature, Art and Thought, Cagliari , Cittadella dei Musei - 14th-16th May, 2015. / Rabindranath Tagore : Sacred objects in secular spaces : Sahitya : by Miśra, Ravindranath Seven days of nectar : by Taylor, McComas Stranger to history : by Taseer, Aatish The archaeology of Hindu ritual : by Willis, Michael D. The collection of the Middle Lenght Sayings (Majjhima Nikaya). The collection of the Middle Lenght Sayings (Majjhima Nikaya). The collection of the Middle Lenght Sayings (Majjhima-Nikaya). The encyclopedia of Indian philosophies. The legacy of Yoga in Bhagawad Geeta: by Duneja, Prabha The lost river : by Danino, Michel The Mahābhārata, where is not here is nowhere else = The Ramayana of Valmiki : The Routledge intermediate Hindi reader / by Sharma, Naresh Thought and behaviour in modern Japanese politics / by Maruyama, Masao Who are the Jews of India / by Katz, Nathan Yonas and Yavanas in Indian literature / by Karttunen, Klaus Ze studiów nad Mahabharata / by Milewska, Iwona