Bilten prinova-PEDAGOGIJA 2020 RSS feed for public list Bilten prinova-PEDAGOGIJA 2020 7 strategies for developing capable students / by Glenn, H. Stephen A curriculum for life : by Quicke, John A handbook of reflective and experiential learning : by Moon, Jennifer A. A holistic approach to education : by Sampson, Angela Alternative universities : by Staley, David J., Assessing students' written work : by Haines, Catherine, Behaviour in schools : by Porter, Louise Being a teacher in higher education / by Knight, Peter T. Biosocial foundations of family processes / Breaking the cycle of educational alienation : by Williams, Richard, Changing teachers' work : by Helsby, Gill Child and adolescent development in your classroom : by Bergin, Christi Ann Crosby Childhood, youth and migration : Classrooms as learning communities : by Watkins, Chris Designing courses for higher education / by Toohey, Susan Early childhood education today / by Morrison, George S. Effective evaluation of training and development in higher education / by Thackwray, Bob European dimensions of teacher education : Evaluating teacher quality in higher education / Exceptional children in focus / by Patton, James R. Facilitating reflective learning in higher education / by Brockbank, Anne Families and Technology / Fenomenalno učenje iz Finske / by Lonka, Kirsti Fostering a relational pedagogy : Gender and childhood sexuality in primary school / by Bhana, Deevia. GenderChange in Academia : Handbook of motivation at school / Handbook of research on teacher education : Higher education management : Informacijska pismenost : by Armstrong, Sara Istraživački SPaSS / by Horvat, Jasna, Izvan okvira 5 : by Slunjski, Edita Learning theories for teachers / by Bigge, Morris L. Learning to question, questioning to learn : by Dantonio, Marylou Learning to teach in higher education / by Ramsden, Paul Learning together in the early years : Managing education for effective schooling : by Raven, John Managing schools / by Whitaker, Patrick Montessori : by Lillard, Paula Polk Motivating primary-grade students / by Pressley, Michael Motivating students / Motivating the difficult to teach / by Galloway, David Narratives in research and interventions on cyberbullying among young people / On becoming an innovative university teacher : by Cowan, John, Parental involvement across european education systems : Pedagogical explorations in a posthuman age : by jagodzinski, jan Pedagoško savjetovanje / by Vrcelj, Sofija Quality assurance for university teaching / by Ellis, Roger Relational competence : by Juul, Jesper. Research, teaching, and learning in higher education / School violence intervention : Školovanje od kuće i nastava na daljinu u vrijeme HR-COVID-19 / Soft skills in education : by Scheerens, Jaap Special needs and the beginning teacher / Stepfamily Relationships by Ganong, Lawrence. Student assessment in higher education : by Miller, Allen H. Teaching and learning thinking skills / Teaching in the online classroom : by Lemov, Doug Teaching in the post Covid classroom : by Stevens, Grace Technology, multimodality and learning : by Canale, Germán The curriculum of the future : by Young, Michael F. D. The Montessori method / by Montessori, Maria The next deal : by Cherny, Andrei The place of the classroom and the space of the screen : by Friesen, Norm. The Politicization of Parenthood : The power of the adolescent brain : by Armstrong, Thomas. The responsive university : The university of learning : by Bowden, John Those who can, teach / by Ryan, Kevin Troublesome behaviour in the classroom : by McManus, Mick, Understanding and facilitating adult learning : by Brookfield, Stephen Understanding learning and teaching : by Prosser, Michael, Understanding university : by Sinclair, Christine Understanding Waldorf education : by Petrash, Jack, Unschooling : by Baranoski, Sheila Using teams in higher education : Uvod u neuroznanost učenja i pamćenja : by Šimić, Goran, Youth 2.0 :