Informacijske znanosti - prinove 2020. RSS feed for public list Informacijske znanosti - prinove 2020. 80 godina Hrvatskoga knjižničarskog društva : A history of participation in museums and archives : A practical guide to privacy in libraries / by Pedley, Paul A sense of place, a sense of time / by Jackson, John Brinckerhoff A što sa sitnim tiskom i sivom literaturom? : A-Z common reference questions for academic librarians / by Dawson, Heather, Academic freedom, institutional autonomy and the future of democracy / Arhivi i digitalno doba / by Lemić, Vlatka Community archives, community spaces : Creating the visitor-centered museum / by Samis, Peter S. Delivering impact with digital resources : by Tanner, Simon Developing and maintaining practical archives : by Hunter, Gregory S. Digitalno doba : Essential law for information professionals / by Pedley, Paul Evaluating the school library : by Everhart, Nancy, Foundations : by Trlin, Andrew Foundations of information ethics / Growing community health literacy through libraries : History of the Croatian Catholic Mission, St. Leopold B. Mandić in Auckland, New Zealand (1904-2004) / by Klarić, Ante, Hrvatska grafika : by Maštrović, Mikica IFLA-in knjižnični referentni model : by Riva, Pat Informatika/računalstvo 1 i 2 : Information law : by Oppenheim, Charles Informed societies : Instructional partnerships : Interpretation : by Ham, Sam H. Interpreting cultural and natural heritage : by Beck, Larry Introduction to knowledge organization / by Gnoli, Claudio Knjižničarstvo i srodna područja : Knjižnična arhitektura : by Aparac-Jelušić, Tatjana Management basics for information professionals / by Evans, G. Edward Managing digital cultural objects : Manual of online search stategies / Mapping information landscapes : by Whitworth, Andrew Marketing plans in action : by Goodman, Amanda L. Maximizing school librarian leadership : by Moreillon, Judi Minds alive : Museum and gallery publishnig : by Hughes, Sarah Anne Museum lighting : by Saunders, David Museum objects, health and healing : by Cowan, Brenda Museum websites and social media : by Sánchez Laws, Ana Luisa Museums and restitution : Nakladnici na društvenim mrežama : by Ljevak, Petra Narodne knjižnice u tranziciji : by Sabolović-Krajina, Dijana Od knjige do oblaka : by Jozić, Ruža Open heritage data : by Roued-Cunliffe, Henriette. Pioneer Dalmatian settlers of the Far North / by Dragicevich, Kaye Practical data science for information professionals / by Stuart, David Practical tips for facilitating research / by Bent, Moira Reference librarianship & justice : Resource discovery for the twenty-first century library : Seeing sense : by Hope, Jake Stručna obrada knjižnične građe namijenjene djeci : Stvaranje čitatelja : by Rizvanović, Nenad The digital humanities : The economics and finance of cultural heritage : by Pacelli, Vincenzo The engaging museum : by Black, Graham The no-nonsense guide to leadership, management and teamwork / by Allan, Barbara The politics of theory and the practice of critical librarianship / The psychology of fake news : The Routledge handbook of museums, media and communication / Tragom Hrvata u svijetu / by Bezić Filipović, Branka Vođeno istraživačko učenje : by Kuhlthau, Carol Collier Writing the annotated bibliography : by Beatty, Luke